Commissions – Prices for pros

Commissions – Prices for pros

You are a professional and want tailor-made illustrations for your project? This section is here to guide you.


The use of my illustrations is subject to French copyright. They allow you customers to be able to exploit their distribution and / or reproduction, and I, artist, to protect my works. The rates are detailed below.
A contract is drawn up during invoicing. The contract can be renewed at any time, and the invoice is the subject of an amendment.

This contract must contain the following information:

  • Type of right transferred (reproduction, representation, adaptation, dissemination in particular)
  • Extent, destination, place and duration of exploitation of the right transferred
  • Methods of calculation and payment of the duty transferred

For more information, I invite you to contact me, or read the Wikipedia page about copyright laws in France.


Price list

The cost percentage is based on the pre-tax price of the basic prices (VAT is 20% in France). This varies according to the duration, type and extent of the operation. If you have not yet defined this point when designing the quote, an amendment can be made afterwards.


Operating time

1 year and +5 years and +10 years and +25 years and +50 years and +*

* within the legal limits of French law in force (70 years after the death of the author)


Type of broadcast

Customer’s website and social mediasRegional/localNationalInternational


Number of copies

Up to 500 copiesUp to 5.000 copiesUp to 50.000 copiesUp to 500.000 copiesUnlimited

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact me on one of my social medias displayed at the bottom of the page (I do not display my email on the sites to avoid spam).