I am Velkia, author and illustrator from Bordeaux (France), graduated with a "Multimedia and Internet Professions" Degree, as well as a Graphic Design, Webdesign and Multimedia License.

Drawing very quickly occupied a very important place in my life: from my 4-5 years old I was already using comics to express myself and create universes. In 2013, I started publishing webcomics on the Internet, and in 2014, the world of fanzinat opened their doors to me. And it was in 2016 that my first project, "Les Sentinelles Déchues", saw the light of day as a printed book.

Since 2016, I worked as a web designer within a web agency. In 2021, I was offered the opportunity to become a colorist. Henceforth, I work full time as a freelance.

If you want to know more about me, you can consult my Tipeee page by clicking on the image!