I am Velkia, a professional freelance illustrator author. I self-publish books of all types: comic strip, artbook, illustrated novel, with passion since 2014.

In my workshop, I also create goodies and prints on demand, such as stickers, postcards, badges or posters. If you are interested in an illustration, whether for your projects or for fun, do not hesitate to contact me! There are many ways you can help me live my art with peace of mind!


Webcomic & self-published printed comics

A lazy young peasant, Axel finally leaves his remote farmhouse as the mysterious sentry named Veron shows up at his doorstep.

Accompanied by the overexcited pirate Uvia and the shrewd mechanician Tellos, they make it their mission to exorcise the gods, splendid magical beings abounding throughout the world of Turduwan.

Together, they will have to enrich their knowledge and forge links to save the planet.

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