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Commissions opened

– 2020 –


€20 per character

Half body

€35 per character

Full body

€50 per character

Setting | Scenery : +€15 to €50 depending on the complexity

Animal | monster : +€10 to €30 depending on the complexity

  • 5 slots available;
  • Maximum 4 characters per drawing;
  • The price may increase depending on the level of detail of your character;
  • Exceptionally for this session, I do not make traditional art or printing, to avoid postal mailing;
  • OCs / original characters are appreciated. Fanart is tolerated;
  • I can draw erotic scenes, only if it is your own OC;
  • No hardcore porn, gore, furry or mecha;
  • Feel free to specify the style of drawing you want! (soft or dynamic atmosphere, anime screenshot, color style of an anime or manga you like … etc);
  • The deadline varies from a few days to several weeks depending on the request (I have an artbook and a comic to make);
  • Visual references are highly appreciated. Even if you don’t have a drawing of your character, images found on the internet work very well! The more reference there is, the better I can identify your character;
  • Payment is made at the start of the order. It can be spread over several times if the amount exceeds €100, but a minimum of 50% is paid at the beginning;
  • If a commissioner withdraws, the first person on the waiting list takes their place;
  • In case of unpaid, the order is canceled, and the first person on the waiting list takes the place of the commissioner;
  • Prices are not open to negotiation;
  • Payment is made by PayPal or bank transfer;
  • Commissions are made in the order of payment.